Character Creation Guidelines

The rules are deliberately loose, both because I enjoy complex characters, and because Faerun is grossly tolerant of diversity in characters. With that said, while most things are allowed, be forewarned that I will present challenges consummate with the level of power-gaming presented.

Story is more important to me than any other aspect of your characters. I strongly recommend writing your character’s story first, and then working to make the class combinations, feat combinations, etc… make the character do what the story says they should. With that said, while this will be relatively laid-back, the game will still be potentially lethal, and there are consequences to too-frequent resurrection… a certain degree of optimization within theme is recommended.

Try something new. Use a class, book, or mechanic you’ve never thought you’d like. If, after a few sessions, you find you cannot stand it, we can always change things up, or introduce a new character.

NO Chaotic Neutral or Evil characters. You’re heroes in this game, not anti-heroes nor villainous protagonists.

Prophecy will be a MAJOR plot device throughout this campaign, in a variety of forms. The more character information you can give me, the more complete the biography and the more friends, family, acquaintances, and nemeses you provide, the rich the experience will be.

There is only one rule that all of you must adhere to: your characters are exactly 23 years old.

Character Creation Guidelines

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