Gestalt… sort of:
This game will opperate on a Tier-point system. At any given level, characters will have 6 points they may spend on their classes. Tier 1 and Tier 2 classes cost 6 points each (and as such are the only class allowed at a level; this includes full-casting, 4/5 casting and 9/10 casting PrCs), Tier 3 classes cost 4 points, Tier 4 cost 2 points, and Tier 5 classes cost 1 point each. Note that with class changes, several classes have changed tiers.
Tier 1: Archivist, Artificer, Cleric, Druid, Wizard
Tier 2: Favored Soul, Oracle, Sorcerer
Tier 3: Alchemist, Bard, Beguiler, Crusader, Dread Necromancer, Duskblade, Factotum, Inquisitor, Magus, Ranger (Wildshape Varient, Unearthed Arcana), Ranger (Tome of Battle variant), Rogue, Summoner, Swordsage, Warblade
Tier 4: Adept, Barbarian, Fighter, Gunslinger, Hexblade, Marshal, Ninja (Pathfinder), Paladin, Ranger, Scout, Spellthief, Warlock, Warmage,
Tier 5: Cavalier, Expert, Healer, Knight, Monk, Ninja (CA or Rokugan), Samurai (Rokugan or Pathfinder)

Barbarians will gain Rage Powers as per Pathfinder; Rage, however, will function as in 3.5.
Fighters will function as in Pathfinder, and gain 2 skill points per level.
Paladins will function as in Pathfinder, and gain 2 skill points per level.
Rangers will function as in Pathfinder, gaining both the Track feat, and the Track class ability.
Rogues will function as in Pathfinder.
Sorcerers will function as in Pathfinder, and gain 2 skill points per level.
Archetypes are available, but only if all class features sacrificed have been retained.
Several home-brew Tome of Battle inspired alternate classes are available for Monk, Fighter, and Ranger.
Classes from Pathfinder are allowed, though Gunslingers use crossbows instead of guns.
Favored Class is used as per Pathfinder.
NO Psionics

Feats are accrued every odd level, rather than 1, 3, 6, 9, etc…
New feats from Pathfinder, if still relevant, are available. Duplicated feats will follow the 3.5 rules

Balance and Tumble will be merged into Accrobatics (Dex)
Climb, Jump, and Swim will be merged into Athletics (Str)
Decipher Script and Forgery will be merged into Documentation (Int)
Hide and Move Silently will be merged into Stealth (Dex)
Intimidate is (Str or Cha)
Listen, Search, and Spot will be merged into Perception (Wis)
Knowledge: Local is broken into 56 regions, each needing its own ranks.
Open Lock is folded into Disable Device (Dex or Int)
Speak Language is gained by degrees, as in The Black Company Campaign Setting, with mastery of written and spoken language costing more points than passing understanding. Clerics, Bards, Paladins, and Wizards are the only core classes with assumed literacy.
If a class has one of any merged skills, they are considered to have the new skill as a class skill.

Item Creation:
Mundane items will use the quality rules as found in The Black Company Campaign Setting, with all costs multiplied by 20.
With certain feats, characters without casting ability can still make magic items with sufficiently high Craft checks, and Craft Ranks – 3 = caster level for these purposes. Magic Item creation through crafting requires an appropriate craft check for the item, of 15 + Spell Level of the highest spell used + 5 for each spell not known by the crafter + Minimum Caster Level; this applies to both mundane and spellcasting crafters, though casters can add their caster level to such checks.

Characters have a CMB, but CMD is an opposed check. CMB rolls always use STR, unless the character has Weapon Finesse for an appropriate weapon, or Dextrous Maneuvers. CMD rolls use either STR or DEX, whichever is higher for the character. This replaces the touch-attack-resolve mechanic of 3.5. However, the in-game effects of maneuvers remain as described in 3.5. That is a grappled creature’s penalties and consequences are as in 3.5, but the rolls for achieving or maintaining a grapple are as Pathfinder. Size bonuses are as per 3.5, however.

Constructs and corporeal undead are subject to critical hits and precision damage.

Classes that gain 0 level spells will use the Pathfinder Orison or Cantrips abilities, as appropriate for each class.

Third Party:
Ask for approval, and be prepared with a backstory that justifies the request.


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